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Little Things Please Little Minds

So, I was putting off the housework by browsing LJ & found the slogan generator mentioned in an entry in

seidoo_ryuu's journal & have just spent an entertaining ten minutes playing with it ... oh gosh, am I easily pleased, lol.


So here's my slogan of the day:


The Dirt says Hot, The Label says Madame Pixelarity.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Madame Pixelarity slogans.

Hmm ... perhaps I had better get back to the housework.
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Madame Pixelarity's Madhouse - Part Two - subsection B

Apologies for the variation in type face ... I just want to get this posted in the correct order now!


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The final part of Madame Pixelarity's Madhouse Part Two is here (clicky)
skewhizzer, dog

Madame Pixelarity's Madhouse - Part Two - subsection A

Acting Childishly

This is a sort of combination of the 'Help I'm Surrounded by Idiots' & the 'Aslyum Challenge' using Sims from madame_ugly  and pixel_and_bean  (see pixel_trade )  

I can no longer find a working link for the 'Surrounded by Idiot's' Challenge - so a quick explanation.  You create a Sim of your choice in CAS, look for a partner, marry, have children etc.  The only catch is that you can only control one Sim.  This is the Sim that you created in CAS - UNTIL - your heir reaches adulthood - when you then control the Heir, leaving your original Sim to fend for his/herself.  You are allowed to control the other Sims in 'your' controllable Sims family just ONCE per life stage - otherwise it's all strictly hands off.

The controllable Sim is Igor.


Grr - don't you just hate LJ sometimes ... it's managed to get the middle part of this out of seqence, I've been in and corrected it THREE times now & it keeps reverting.  If it doesn't work this time then this post will have to be split into three parts ....


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Madame Pixelarity's Madhouse Part Two - continues here (clicky)
Rolypoly, George, Spore

Madame Pixelarity has been delayed

And it's all Pixel's fault!

pixel_and_bean recently posted some Spore Creations to her LJ - wonderful looking things - especially Spot  (who also looked terribly natty in bronze with blue spots).

I was going to update Madame Pixelarity (Igor survived or just about) instead I downloaded the demo & had a play - meet George & his children:

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I'm really pleased that the demo works - especially as the official website implied that my graphics card is not one of the supported ones - maybe there is hope that I can play the actual game.   (Fingers crossed)  In the meantime, I'm very tempted to buy the full version of the Creature Creator as it is only £4.99.  I'm not sure I want to download it from EA though ... wonder if it will be in the shops?